Many small business owners in the United States have encountered challenges when they have attempted to obtain a small business loan. Larger companies are at an advantage as the amount of money that lenders are willing to provide them has remained the same, or even increased in some cases. Small companies are often out of.. read more →

Some people may be unsure about what accounts receivable financing, or factoring, is. In general, this is the process of obtaining funds by selling your company’s accounts receivable to a third party, which is called a factor. Factoring receivables is a great way to secure money quickly, but there are a few things you should.. read more →

13 Jan 2015
January 13, 2015

5 Struggles Every Franchisee Faces

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Ask any small business owner and they will tell you that, as rewarding as it can be, running your own business is extremely hard work. Long hours, complete accountability for success or failure, and often a deep and abiding emotional tie to the enterprise make owning a small business far more than just a job… read more →

 As a small business owner, you need to understand the importance of your business credit score. You can find your score online via a credit score issuing company, and if you analyze it thoroughly, you will have the means to monitor the health of your business and make educated credit decisions. There are three types.. read more →

As a business owner, you likely go out and buy a new piece of construction equipment every time you have a new or unique project to complete. Although this allows you to complete your projects successfully, it can also hinder your business’ profitability and ability to keep a necessary amount of working capital on hand.. read more →